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Doggie Day Care

where doggie day care meets a lifestyle

Peace of mind that your dog is always in a safe and loving environment.


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Our goal at the Harbor Hounds is to provide a clean and safe environment for your pooch during their stay with us. We promise to send your dog home tired and happy each evening! We all want the best for our pets, that's why at the Harbor Hounds we only use organic cleaners while sanitizing our facility at the end of each day. We promise to love your dog as much as we love our own dogs!

What you can expect from us
We aren't like all the other day cares. We focus on having a well-behaved friendly environment where your dog can play, rest and learn. Not all day care centers have to be filled with barking and bad mannered dogs! We strive to produce a day care that isn't full of barking and rough housing all day. Your dog will have plenty of time to rest/nap while he or she frolics with the others! Our facility along with our outdoor area is sanitized daily.

A day in the life of a Harbor Hound
Your dog's day will include playing, resting, napping, more playing and lots of cuddles from the staff! We have plenty of doggie beds that your pup can lounge on whenever they decide to! Have a dog that needs extra quiet time? No worries! We have an entirely separate room for those dog's who just need some alone time.

When you pick your dog up
When you pick your dog up, you will be able to see how many times your dog was outside, the number of times they used the bathroom, and if they have received any special requests from the owner. We want this to be as EASY as possible for our clients!

*All  dogs  must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Kennel Cough (Bordetella)
  • Must have had a clear fecal exam within last 6 months, including Giardia Elisa test




256 Marginal St.
Boston, MA 02128
Building #14


M-F 7a–7p
(Early drop off/late pick up available)




Included Services 

Indoor Area
1,000 sq. facility 

Outdoor Area
36x18 outdoor area with a 7 ft. wooden fence, accompanied by a raised up deck area, kitty pools, and lot's of toys! 

Plenty of raised doggie beds and a couch for the lounge type of pup.

Yup, you read that right! A TV with a set channel of animal planet to stimulate your pooch

Separate Quiet Room
For the dog who just needs some alone time!

Daily Chart
Daily chart of your dog's day which includes bathroom breaks, outside time and special requests 

Let us know your dog's birthday and we will make sure to throw an epic Doggie Birthday Party!

Keep up with us on our social media accounts to see daily pictures and videos



Additional Services


Early Drop Off/Late Pick Up
Early/Late meeting? No worries! Drop off/pick up your dog up to 30 minutes before opening or closing!

The joys of dog hair! Our staff has some pretty pawsome brushing tools!

Need a mid-day pick me up at work? Face-Time your pooch!! Let them tell you how much fun they are having!

Emergency Bath

Dispensing Medication

Obedience and behavioral training
-Prices Vary

GROOM by the Harbor

Groom by the Harbor is a spa get away for your beloved dogs. Are they feeling stressed, anxious or tired? Send them to Groom by the Harbor to get pampered and feel refreshed and ready to go! My goal for your dogs is to make sure they are clean, feeling relaxed and smiling when they go home!

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The price list is an estimate of the basic groom services; prices subject may change without notice. Pricing may vary and change due to your dogs condition.


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There is no one who cares more about your dog than Harbor Hounds! Sara loves each and every pup as if they are her own. She takes the time to get to know each of them and their quirky personalities to ensure that they will have the best time when they are there.
Fitzy would be so sad without his days at Harbor Hounds with all of his friends.
— Eileen L.
Harbor Hounds is amazing! Sara has created such a fun place to send our dog and gives us such peace of mind during our long work days. We know our dog is being socialized in a calm, positive environment and she enjoys being active all day (and napping ) with her dog buddies! They also post photos every day so we can see what they’re up to!
— Siri B.
I can’t say enough about this place. I absolutely love it as does Lily, our dog. The facility is so clean and everyone there is so friendly. Our dog gets so excited the moment we walk in the shipyard.
— Adam B.
This place is awesome! Very clean facility, friendly dogs, and super nice people. Siggi came home very tired after a long day of making new friends and lounging around.
— Michelle F.
 Oakley and owner, Sara Noonan, 2015.

Oakley and owner, Sara Noonan, 2015.

Where it all started

Ever since I was little, I would home any animal that I found that looked like it needed help, from birds to salamanders, to stray mother cats to stray dogs on the side of the road, I have ALWAYS had a niche when it came to animals, especially dogs. My first rescue, was my dog Oakley-my best friend and love of my life. I found him on the side of the road in Florida where I went to college. He was 8 weeks old, covered in fleas, he had mange and was clearly starving. I knew at that moment he was mine, and now almost 6 years later he is the best addition to my life I could have ever imagine.

Fast forward 4 years after college, from office jobs to playing secretary, I came up with the idea of a day filled with dogs. The perfect situation,me  surrounded by dogs all day!